Developments in Blockchain Security & Privacy

Selected Portfolio Content

Although Solidity is the only language developers can use to create Ethereum-based smart contracts, its development is lacking.
XTRABYTES Today Blog, 5/12/2018

LLL: A Viable Alternative to Solidity

Before Solidity, Ethereum smart contract developers used LLL (Lisp-Like Language). Its simple structure makes it a viable alternative.
XTRABYTES Today Blog, 5/14/2018

ZCash Advances Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Using zero-knowledge proofs, ZCash removes the capability to ascertain an individual’s identity or payment history.
XTRABYTES Today Blog, 7/31/2018

DAGs: Trading Security for Performance

Directed Acrylic Graphs enable transactions to quickly occur within the blockchain. However, they sacrifice their security in the process.
XTRABYTES Today Blog, 6/26/2018

Safeguarding Stablecoins from Black Swan Events

Crypto investors seeking price stability pursue stablecoins. While less volatile than bitcoin, they’re not immune from unexpected events.
XTRABYTES Today Blog, 9/6/2018

DPoS: A Move in the Right Direction?

DPoS stakeholders elect what are called witnesses to secure their blockchain network. However, these witnesses often resemble employees.
XTRABYTES Today Blog, 6/20/2018

WBTC Token Bridges Ethereum & Bitcoin

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is an ERC20 token aimed at launching Bitcoin-backed derivatives into the Ethereum ecosystem.
XTRABYTES Today Blog, 11/16/2018

XTRABYTES Press Release at The Merkle

A fall 2017 press release from The Merkle about XTRABYTES and its many features, including PoSign’s many advantages.
XTRABYTES Today Blog, 11/2/2017